Guide to Superconductivity-Related Activities in Latin America

The purpose of this and all Continental Guides is to provide national and international superconducting communities with a searchable database. This database introduces the current activities by continents in the generic fields of materials science, physics and engineering related to superconductivity.  Each guide offers complete contact information of physical persons, groups, academic institutions and industries participating in research, development, design, manufacturing, characterization and applications, amongst other activities.  It is designed to facilitate communication, interaction, collaboration and cooperation between members of the community.

Suggestions to improve this database and website, in addition to recommendations and reports on missing information, are welcomed to make this Continental Guide a useful tool for the whole community.

The information provided by this and all Continental Guides can be used also by various government agencies as well as other agencies, national and international, to initiate, develop or evaluate superconductivity-related activities.

Entries from organizations and groups in Latin America that are involved in superconductivity-related activities are solicited. The received entries will expand the initial Guide listing and ultimately will result in it becoming reasonably complete.  The online deployment is expected to occur by mid-2015.  Guide users will be able to search the database by topical categories, activities, organizations, countries, keywords, terms, and contact names.

The Guide contents will be updated annually.   However, new submissions will be acceptable at any time. We appeal to all members of the superconductivity community in Latin America to assist Editors of this Guide by promptly submitting entries. The countries currently identified as involved in superconductivity in Latin America are: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela. This list is not exhaustive and may be increased by new inputs to the database. The Editors will be also grateful for additional information on existing superconductivity-related activities (including reliable contact information).  Any inquiries on this Continental Guide or the submission process can be e-mailed in Portuguese, Spanish or English to Dr. Alexander Polasek from Brazil, and/or Dr. Frederic Trillaud  from Mexico, Editors of the Latin America Guide.

To obtain an idea on what this Guide will offer, and to find examples of new entry submissions, please inspect the existing IEEE CSC & ESAS “Europe Guide to Superconductivity-related Activities”   However,  new Latin America Guide will be more user-friendly and will offer refined search capabilities.  All Continental Guides are associated with the Superconductivity News Forum (Global Edition)  We recommend the reader to look there for publications, paper highlights and regular updates on the superconductivity-related activities worldwide.